Charles at the Ritsch Fisch Gallery in France.

Ritsch Fisch Gallery specializes in Art Brut and Outsider Art. Art Brut is an art term that translates to Raw Art.

The Ritsch Fisch Gallery is located in Strasbourg, France and was established in 1996.

Jean-Pierre Ritsch-Fisch was a collector for almost 20 years before starting the gallery. Love of art leading to a gallery of Art Brut and Outsider Art.

The gallery discusses how to collect art. First a core collection one with important pieces that speaks to the collector. They discuss the need to let pieces go, those that you let go can themselves be a collection for others. After a core collection of 20 pieces or so then you look to round it out with a second collection. In many cases this is how museums collect their pieces rounding out a core collection to a secondary theme.

Ritsch Fisch Gallery shows their collection of core artists. They site includes Charles Lassiter and features two of his art pieces.

They describe Charles as a man born into wealthy upper class family and giving it up to live an eccentric artist life. While this is a romantic view of Lassiter and artists in general they go on to talk about his biting and iconic work rounding out an image of him. The bio is short but includes some of the artists that inspired him, Ensor, Dubuffet and Klee. They mention in passing his writings which includes poetry.

Lassiter is one of the artists that Ritsch Fisch Gallery suggest starting or rounding out your Art Brut or Outsider Art collection with. Other artists include

DEREUX Philippe
Ken Grimes

The artists at the gallery range from colorful to dark, not only in colors but in subject matter. They include men and women from different countries and ages. While Charles Lassiter is a notable representative of NY artists at the gallery, the site includes another notable NY artist, Rosemarie Inge Koczy. Koczy was a holocaust survivor and a survivor of two camps. She settled in Croton on the Hudson starting an Art School, where she taught for more than two decades.

Rosemarie Inge Koczy
Rosemarie Inge Koczy
Rosemarie Inge Koczy

Charles Lassiter is in good company and the site shows how different collectors can make core collection that go in different directions simply by the other artists you add. Playing with color vs black and white can change a collection drastically as can sculpture vs paintings.

How do you include artists in your collections? Which artists are in your core? and which are in your those that add to your theme or style?